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A passion for brows and beauty led Yvonne to create Bella Brows. With her relentless drive she has gained qualifications in an endless amount of beauty fields to bring her clients a range of services to cater for every one of their needs, from waxing and epilation to micro blading and lash extensions.

Our Services

  • 6d Microblading and shading – R1500
  • Follow up after six weeks – R700
  • Brow tint – R50

Semi-permanent individual – R385
Express individual clusters – R150
Lash tint – R50

Cleanse – Tone – Exfoliate – Nourish – Restore – Soothe – Protect

Deep cleanse – R250
Oily problematic acne prone

Hydrating – R250
Mature normal to combination

Multi-peel – R350
Treats all skin type, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, improves acne and acne blemishes, increases collagen and elastin growth, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and brighten skin.

Japanese Method Of Drawing On Eyebrows

6D Microblading

For those who are not happy with the look of their brows due to over-plucking, a brow wax gone wrong, alopecia, thin or fine hair or hair loss this is the answer for you

This is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses small needles and pigment to create fine hair like strokes. This technique guarantees stunning results that last 1-2 years. The microblading needles and natural pigments used guarantee minimal trauma to the skin creating a natural look with lasting results.

Eyelashes. Close-up of master of tweezers holds artificial eyela

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are semi-permanent lasting up to 90 days with regular maintenance. These semi- permanent extensions create a wispy natural long lash look with no clumping, no irritation and no natural hair loss. Get lashers that feel so natural no one else will know they aren’t.

Woman in mask on face in spa beauty salon.

Skin Care

“At SKNLOGIC we know that your skin matters, which is why we have gone through extraordinary lengths to ensure that our products are effective, safe and affordable. Our primary focus is Science, Knowledge and Nature, and because of this we have a synergistic approach to science and nature and work to fuse these two different concepts to create effective product formulations.” – SKNLOGIC (ref)

Woman on laser hair removal procedure at beauty salon


An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. The way in which epilators pull out hair is similar to waxing, although unlike waxing, epilation does not remove the first layer of skin.

close up Beautician waxing female legs in spa center


Waxing is hair removal which is semi-permanent and removes hair from the root.

Benefits of waxing:

  • Lasts longer than shaving
  • Pulls hair from the root
  • Results in slower hair growth
  • Skin has a smoother finish
  • Hair grows back thinner
Young woman having professional eyebrow correction procedure in


Originating in India and central Asia threading has become a trending method to get more defined brows with the use of just cotton!

Benefits of threading:

  • Detailed definition
  • Easier to define arch
  • Natural finish
  • No products used on skin
  • Services offered
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